Deo Tibba Trek

DAY 01: Manali/Prini-Ponduropa/Setan (2700 m) 4 hours.

After breakfast drive to Prini village, Path leads through the village By Zig-zag trail to the valley floor and offers an extensive view. Reach Khangpa village of Saten who are migrated from Spiti. (From Tibet in the olden time.) Khangpa community use to move as Nomade of Chang-thang does till now.

DAY 02: Panduropa/Setan – Chhika (3000m) 4 hours,

Trek through breathtaking landscape, the meadow surrounded by high mountain ranges to just below the Hamta Pass, on a grassy bank slope. In impressive surroundings, Here rock assumes wonderful colours. Chikka (the camp site) is followed by a River, Alain Nallah and its snout is Hamta Pass finally we reaches Chikka.

DAY 03: Chhika – Marhi (3300m. Apprx.) 5 hours,

During trekking cross a river to other side of the Valley and get a beautiful view of Deo Tibba, Indrasan and Inderkilla, Hanuman tibba (5930 Mts.) and group of summits around Beas kund and also landscape of Bara Bhangal Region.

DAY 04 : Marhi – Piyangniru (3900m.Apprx.) 4 hours

The whole area is surrounded by high summits, hanging glacier, and massive moraine. This is true alpine zone that we are trekking in. After noon we spend time in exploring the surroundings.

DAY 05: Piyangniru – Raurikhaudi (3300m) 5 hours

Trek gets little steeper in the beginning and after that all the way descend down to Raurikhaudi. local Shepard’s of Kullu Valley can be seen grazing their herds of sheep goat.

DAY 06: Raurikhaudi-Jogidugh (3000m.via lamadugh/sorotu) 4 hours

Jogidugh occupies a very famous place in the Hindu mythology, especially for the local habitants of the Valley. Said to be a very holy place of Thakshag nag (serpent god).

DAY 07: Jogidugh – Tilgan (2900m.) 4hrs.

Trek along the tree line goes little down to avoid the steep cliff and again little climb along the stream. After that trek goes in a horizontal way right up to the campsite at Tilgan. At Tilgan one can have a tremendous view of the Manali valley, town and surrounding.

DAY 08: Tilgam-Manali-Prini via Bhanara 2300m or jagatsukh 4hrs.

Scenic trail descend to Bhanara, there is an old temple of local God Near village and another historic cave (ARJUN GUFA) where the pandavas are believed to have taken refuge during there exile. Get down to road side and drive back to Manali.