Day 01 : Drive from Shimla to Kafnu (7216 feet / 205 KM)

The Bhabha Pass trek begins with a jeep ride from Shimla which takes us through the scenic Himachal hill stations of Kufri, Theog and Matiana. From there, we get to Narkanda on the Hindustan-Tibet Highway. We drive up to the breath-taking Hattu Peak which, at 3135 meters is alive with pine and spruce trees and makes you feel like you’re in another continent. We continue driving and head back past the scenic Wangtu bridge to Kafnu village, which will be the last stop before the Bhabha Pass trek begins. We rest for the night at a guesthouse, where we bond with fellow trekkers and prepare ourselves for the next day.

Day 02 : Trek from Kafnu to Muling (10,759 feet / 5-6 hours).

On the second day of the Bhabha Pass trek, the walk from Kafnu begins in the village and progresses out to the beautiful forest environment of Muling. Lose yourself to all the variety that Mother Nature gives you. Today’s trek will last 5-6 hours and will be a steep climb at the end of which we will be rewarded by the lush green banks of the River Bhabha. Breathe deeply, indulge in some fun and photography and make memories before you camp out for the night and fall asleep to the rushing melodies of the river.

Day 03: Trek from Muling Kara to Bhabha Pass Base Camp (Phustirang) (13,776 feet / 6-7 hours).

On the third day of the Bhabha Pass trek, we walk from the Bhabha river we begin by the base of the Bhaba pass and trek for about 6-7 hours to Phustirang. The day also involves fun river-crossing activities and the climb will be a gradual ascent. The night will be spent camping out in the wilderness.

Day 04: Trek from Phustirang to Balder (14,600 feet / 6-7 hours).

On the fourth day of your Bhabha Pass trek, get ready for some hardcore trekking as the day begins with a steep 3-hour climb to the top of the Bhabha Pass, which lies at around 4865 meters. Being at such an immense height allows you to enjoy stunning views of the shifting terrain as you make your way to the dry sands of Spiti Valley. Your day ends as you camp out at Balder by the valley.

Day 05: Trek from Balder to Mudh. Drive from Mudh to Tabo / Kaza (12,450 feet / 5 hours).

On the fifth day of your Bhabha Pass trek, it marks the last day of this Spiti Valley trek. Post-breakfast, we trek in the barren surroundings of Spiti for around 5 hours before touching the first village of the area, Mudh, which is home to around 40 families. Engage with the locals and replenish your energy with some piping hot lunch before visiting the thousand-year old monastery of Tabo and driving towards Kaza. Your Bhabha Pass trek ends here.